What Is Small Parcel/Package Shipping?
23 Jul
Francesca Leila Riego
23, Jul 2023

When entering the realm of small package delivery, there are many terms to remember, and things can quickly get confusing. Learn more about tiny package shipping to see if it is the best choice for your company by reading on.

Small package shipping is the practice of using a shipping company to send a single small package. Additionally, it refers to light packages, notably cartons or envelopes weighing under 150 pounds. It seems very easy, doesn't it? No, not always! Let us simplify things for you.

Shipping of small packages explained

Small packages or parcels are distinct from other kinds of shipping. Orders for small packages are picked up at the pick-up or drop-off location of your choice, sorted, and readied for transit and (ultimately) final delivery. Individual small package shipments can be moved independently and are put straight onto carrier vehicles alongside other parcel shipments, unlike freight shipping, which requires that boxes be arranged on pallets before being loaded onto the truck.

What's the difference between small package and LTL shipping?

It can be challenging to determine which option is ideal for your needs because small package shipment and Less Than Truckload (LTL) freight transportation are relatively comparable.LTL shipping is generally your best choice if your shipment weighs more than 150 pounds*, is oddly shaped, or needs to be shipped on a pallet. To make it short, it's just like shipping small parcels vs shipping large items!

In other words, freight shipping is used to convey several or huge packages on pallets or big containers, whereas small parcel shipping refers to sending individual packages weighing less 70 lbs.

Why do businesses choose small package shipping?

  • You can track it easily!
  • It costs less than shipping by freight Due to the use of poly mailers or other lightweight packaging, small parcel delivery is frequently less expensive than freight.
  • Good for the environment!

So, what do you prefer? Small package/parcel shipping or LTL freight shipping? No matter what your choice is, shipit4us will be happy to assist you!