Individuals and business owners find Shipit4us most useful to arrange their shipping needs.

It does not matter what to ship, you will find the right provider for your valuable goods. We can name it all: household goods, personal effects, art, new and used commercial goods, heavy equipment, motorized items.

We offer the most shipping categories ever provided in one marketplace. Ground, Air and Ocean Shipments can be shipped on instant quotes or be placed as an auction. You can choose your price out of hundred instant quotes or choose your provider who fits your budget and time frame.

Most great companies started in a garage, we started in the desert. In 2013 we started with the logistics business and got our first contract done in Africa. From that point we created our logistics company in the USA and expanded all over the world. We saw many shipping marketplaces and their changes. We think we can change the industry of the shipping marketplaces and launch in Feburary 2022.

Our goal is to become a market changer, implement new technology, provide the community a marketplace with logical parts to get the most accurate shipping quotes and enjoy hassle-free shipping.

50% of the board member are women, over 90 % of our employees are women. We support businesswomen at all.

Shipit4us was launched on Feb 1st, 2022