To escrow or not to escrow? That is the question!
02 Jul
Nils T.
02, Jul 2023

Unlike other online Transport Marketplace for shipping services, Shipit4us has been putting off the idea of an escrow service or any other way of dictating to our transportation providers which terms of payment they must use. Shipit4us is more about freedom of choice so Individuals or businesses can come to clear terms, without having to put any money on hold upfront. Shipit4us understands the concerns that come without a third-party company that will hold and release money depending on quality of service. Mistakes are easily made in the transportation industry, that is why we think that insurance should always be an important topic prior to booking your freight. Clear guidelines, that still allow our users to freely choose how and when to pay, will highly decrease the risk and give you a greater piece of mind. Shippers will know exactly who they are dealing with and our professional independent drivers and carriers will keep the cash flow they require to operate their business without interruption. Shipit4us will keep your freight moving, guaranteed!