19 Jul
Ivy Bumanlag
19, Jul 2023

Full truckload shipping, or FTL, is a way to ship large packages that take up more than half of a truck's space and up to the whole truck's capacity. This is a common way to ship large items, items that need to be sent quickly, or items that need to be in the trailer by themselves.

Utilizing Shipit4us Online transport marketplace can make the entire process easy as if users use their own containers or need one to fill. We'll guide you to obtain freight quotes from knowledgeable freight shippers and give you tricks and tips along the way.

What you'll learn here is how to:

  • Benefit of FTL transportation
  • How to ship a Full truckload of goods in the shipit4us marketplace?
  • What is the cost of shipping a full truckload?

Benefit of FTL transportation

  • Cheaper Rates: FTL is cheaper for large shipments than sending them in several smaller ones.
  • Damages are less: likely to happen with FTL shipping because cargo remained on the same truck and doesn't get moved around.
  • Fast delivery times: FTL is faster because there aren't any other deliveries on board or stops along the way.