19 Jul
Ivy Bumanlag
19, Jul 2023

Loading and unloading (LTL) refer to shipments that do not fill the entire freight trailer. LTL shipments can be crammed into a single vehicle to serve several clients and destinations at once. The average weight of an LTL freight shipment is between 200 and 10,000 pounds.

Loads of Less Than Truckloads (LTL) are frequently palletized or crated for transport. As the shipment is likely to be transported multiple times, the freight must be packaged in a way that allows a forklift or pallet jack to move it effortlessly. When shipping LTL freight, you must package it in a way that protects it from being damaged and minimizes any potential damage to other freight.

Please Note: Shipit4us Marketplace or LTL Instant Rate Platform can be used to book LTL freight. When you use Shipit4us to book LTL freight, LTL rate carriers are the primary focus of this article.

Carrier rates consider a wide range of variables, including:

  • Freight shipments
  • Density of shipments
  • Weight of the shipment
  • Distance traveled
  • Travel speed
  • Fuel costs
  • Lane balances
  • Handling costs

If you're looking to ship goods from point A to point B, our LTL Instant Rates platform is the best option for you.

Pricing is determined on a case-by-case basis by each individual carrier. Depending on which carriers bid on the package and how well the shipment corresponds with the carrier, two similar shipments may obtain two drastically different prices.

There may be restrictions on the types of cargo that can be transported by a carrier. You should always verify ahead of time to avoid unnecessary fees and confusion.

The following is a general timeline for an LTL Instant Rate shipment:

  1. The first step is to make a thorough inventory of your package.
  2. Make sure your shipment is properly packaged.
  3. Measure the weight and volume of your cargo.
  4. list your shipment in the Marketplace
  5. Choose an LTL freight carrier and make a booking
  6. Bill of Lading Receive/send
  7. As soon as possible, schedule a pickup time.
  8. Your package is on its way!
  9. Confirm delivery and receipt