15 Jul
Ivy Bumanlag
15, Jul 2023

Shipit4us marketplace will really help you in shipping or moving almost any type of furniture over a long distance. Our service provider will collaborate with you to prepare a furniture shipment arrangement that is suited to your specific requirements and manage the entire process from pickup to delivery.

If you want to move furniture, search for the right people to help you move it. From pick-up to delivery and the ability to handle and the better shipping fees, you can spend a lot of time searching for different service providers.

Before you do anything else, you have to look at furniture shipping service options and figure out which one is great for you.

This guideline will explain to you how to:

  • How to ship furniture
  • What Kinds of Furniture Can Shipit4us Ship?
  • Getting the furniture ready for shipping

How to ship furniture

 1: Clean your furniture & items.

Make sure to clean your furniture items prior to pick up it helps make it very easy to identify if any previous damage and confirm the item's condition.

2: Take Before and After Photo.

Taking before and after photos will benefit you most in the unlikely event that your furniture is damaged during transit. This is strictly for your own safety. You can take close-up shots of previous damage.

3: Make a list of the measurements and weights of your furniture.

Write it down all measurements of your furniture. try to get the height, width, and length as accurately as possible. If your furniture is now in a box or crates, get accurate measurements to transport it. You can ship anything size or dimension using Shipit4us. We have a wide range of trusted providers available to assist you.

4: Furniture should be disassembled and packed.

To secure large and big products such as furniture, wrap fragile parts using Styrofoam or bubble wrap use stronger cardboard for support, a box, or crates if necessary and use a shipment warning sticker.

5: Find a service provider.

Find carriers or trusted providers that handle your furniture shipment. Observe their backgrounds, customer feedback, affordability, and services. Once you've found providers that fulfill your requirements, request them for shipping cost information, and compare pricing to find one that meets your needs.

6: Good communication with a provider.

After you've settled on the furniture provider, communication is the primary key to an effective shipment. Collaborate with your provider to identify the best times for pick-up and delivery. Keep great communication because then the provider can inform you in the event of any delays or any other concerns.

What Kinds of Furniture Can Shipit4us Ship?