Improve LTL Transit Times With Shipit4us!
21 Jul
Francesca Leila Riego
21, Jul 2023

LTL freight shipping, also known as less-than-truckload freight shipping, is a popular and economical mode of transportation for many small and medium-sized organizations. While a balanced budget is essential to the smooth running of your company, it's also necessary to keep in mind that LTL shipping frequently involves longer travel times than full truckload shipment. It can be difficult for shippers to see the possibilities for enhancing, enhancing, and optimizing LTL freight performance. But there are a number of strategies to decrease LTL transit times, which we'll look at in this article.

Use Express/Expedited shipping

What does expedited shipping mean? Freight that is delivered more quickly than usual travel periods is considered to have undergone expedited shipment. Through specialized equipment, the freight is transported within a constrained time frame. Shorter transit times and fewer transportation touchpoints are the main distinctions between standard and expedited shipment. Expedited shipping typically takes 1-2 business days, but the carrier, lane, and destination may affect the exact transit time. No matter the size or distance of your freight transport, Shipit4us can organize it. You can trust that the shipment will arrive on schedule and in good condition thanks to the expert assistance of our knowledgeable freight brokers and shipping companies.

Prepare For Extended Transit Times

It's a good idea to provide extra time for transit because LTL is so unpredictable, especially given the current market conditions. Expect your carrier's LTL transit times to increase by one to three days. Making your preparations sooner will assist you avoid your customer's displeasure when products don't come on time.

Get Precise With Details

LTL carriers should be aware of the real shipment weights and cubes beforehand for a variety of reasons. One major one is how frequently shipping delays are caused by erroneous information about cargo characteristics.

Stay Current with Industry News

Keeping up with industry news will help you better understand market conditions, such as closed roads, bad weather, carrier strikes, significant economic events, and port congestion, all of which may have a significant impact on how your LTL shipments are handled or routed. You must be aware of what is happening.