19 Jul
Ivy Bumanlag
19, Jul 2023

For a business that needs to send pallets, crates, and more, LTL shipping is an efficient and cost-effective option. As a result, acquiring LTL freight quotes might be a pain in the ass Many hours are spent by businesses, logistics managers, and warehouse personnel ing for the best freight rates. You can rely on Shipitt4us to take care of the heavy lifting. We provide a wide range of resources and services to help you save time and money in your business.

It's simple to find the best LTL freight shipping alternatives on the Shipitt4us marketplace, whatever of your budget. Be as specific as possible in your post description. It's your choice to put your freight at auction. LTL quotes are provided by transportation experts as they compete for your business.

This guideline will explain to you how to:

  • Shipit4us' LTL freight shipping benefits.
  • Why use LTL freight?
  • How to prepare LTL shipments
  • Frequently Asked Questions About LTL Shipping

Shipit4us' LTL freight shipping benefits.

Online marketplace Shipit4us connects shippers with carriers who have available trailer space to carry their goods Low-cost LTL shipping rates are a benefit to businesses as a result. It's also worth noting that Shipit4us has great partnerships with some of the best LTL carriers in the market, resulting in significant discounts for customers. Some of the other benefits are:

Shipit4us is your one-stop shop for comparing LTL freight prices, so you can save time and money. Using Shipit4us, you may get quotations from 30+ LTL carriers in a matter of minutes. This reduces the need to visit the websites of various carriers in order to compare prices. Customers may rest easy knowing that a skilled freight team is on hand to assist them at all times. If you have any queries or problems, feel free to contact us by phone or email.

Why use LTL freight?

The following are just a few of the many advantages that come with shipping freight by LTL for your company:

  • The primary advantage of using LTL is that it saves money. You only pay for the percentage of the trailer that your freight occupies because you are sharing space with other firms.
  • Being environmentally friendly is becoming increasingly important for businesses. LTL freight can help you reduce your carbon footprint by reducing the number of vehicles on the road.
  • Freight shippers are recommended to use solid pallets and durable crates when loading their cargo because of the increased frequency and number of stops. In this way, the shipment is guarded against damage, other cargo, and package theft.
  • Most LTL carriers provide a wide range of services, including alerts, inside pick-up and delivery, lift gate, customized handling, and many more options.

How to prepare LTL shipments

As a result of proper preparation of LTL freight for shipment, damage and loss can be reduced. Additionally, putting small items on a pallet or crate and shipping them all together can save money. Keep in mind that LTL shipment requires a crate or pallet to be packed in a specified way. Your goal is to keep your cargo from shifting around during shipment. When preparing your LTL shipment for transit, you should also keep the following suggestions in mind: