How to Get an Accurate LTL Freight Quote & Avoid Common Charges?
01 Jul
Nils T.
01, Jul 2023

This is a frequently asked and very important question, which will determine your required needs. Your lowest price is not always your best option.

Establish when your shipment needs to be picked up and delivered. This is a basic information that needs to be determined before trying to obtain a quote. If your shipment has a delivery date that’s set in stone, guaranteed options are available at a higher price. Either way, the more information you can provide about our shipments, the more options you will have available to make the right decision.

Know your ZIP Codes. Origin and destination ZIP Codes are keys to an accurate LTL rate. Whether your shipment is going to a business, a residential area, or a tradeshow will impact the overall cost and transit time. Getting the correct ZIP Codes will ensure a smooth transit.

Determine if any accessorials are needed. Accessorials are additional services required outside of the standard shipping procedure. Liftgates, Inside pick up or delivery normally require additional fees from the carrier to insure your shipment has everything it needs to get on or off the truck and to its destination safely.

Decide on the amount of insurance needed for your shipment. Knowing the value of the shipment you are transporting and purchasing the proper amount of insurance is crucial. Having this information when obtaining the quote is crucial to an accurate price.

Calculate the exact weight of your shipment. Providing accurate weight is very important when obtaining a quote. Remember to include the pallets weight and have your scales tested and calibrated often to be as precise as possible.

Last but not least, know your freight classes! LTL Freight Classes determine the carriers shipping charges for your LTL freight. Your freight class identifies the size, value and difficulty of transporting your freight and is a must have for quoting.

Remember to have these pieces of information ready when acquiring an LTL freight quote.