How to avoid common Freight Shipping Fees.
04 Jul
Nils T.
04, Jul 2023

Accessorials are additional fees for services not included in standard freight shipping rates. They could come across like the mysterious charges in the fine print of your cell phone bill. You don’t know how they got there, you might not know what they mean. But you have to pay for them.

You can make sure your freight gets the treatment it deserves and select those special services. Once you are armed with some fundamental knowledge about which accessorial fees apply, you can get the most accurate quotes and prevent unwanted shipping expenses.

Redelivery charge and how to avoid it: This is what happens if a carrier attempts to make a delivery but gets turned away or no one is around to accept the delivery – or the delivery address gets changed to a new location while your shipment is in transit. Confirm the precise delivery details with your shipment receiver.

Liftgate charge and how to avoid it: If your shipper or receiver doesn’t have a dock, they will need a liftgate to load or unload or shipment. Make sure to communicate with the person sending your shipment – or the person who is receiving your shipment – to get accurate information about their dock situation and requirements. If necessary, schedule a liftgate pick up or delivery ahead of time to prevent delivery delays and additional charges

Inside pickup/delivery fee and how to avoid it: If your freight needs to cross a threshold, whether a business or residence, rather than going inside a dock, you will need to pay for that additional service. Clearly indicate whether your freight needs an inside pick up or delivery. Specify where your shipment should be received. Providing that sort of detail up front will help eliminate surprise freight charges.

Appointment fees and how to avoid it: If your carrier needs to contact the recipient to set up an appointment, you will need to pay or this extra service. Confirm that your consignee needs a delivery appointment and not it on your bill of lading or to whoever handles your shipping needs. It never hurts to double check that the contact information provided is correct.

Vehicle fees and how to avoid it: If your shipment is not ready when the carrier arrives for pick up, you will be charged a extra fee. Make sure to cancel or reschedule pick ups before the driver gets dispatched to pick up or deliver or shipment.