How The Car Shipment Procedure Operates
19 Jul
Francesca Leila Riego
19, Jul 2023

For those who have never utilized this kind of service before, the auto transfer process may appear complicated, daunting, and stressful. Everyone will have the chance to discover the comprehensive information pertaining to a classic auto transport service bundle from this guide.

Driving to your new house may not be feasible or practical if you're considering a long-distance move. Vehicle shipping is a practical solution to transport your dependable vehicle without having to get behind the wheel. Here are the answers to your key queries if you're new to the world of auto shipping.

The Benefits of Car Shipping

You can decide to spend money on an auto shipping company to move your car for a variety of different reasons. Some of these factors might not exactly apply to your needs, but they are provided so you can better understand the potential benefits of using a vehicle transport service for certain other people.

Car Shipping

In light of this, the most frequent justification for using an auto transport service is the requirement for a vehicle at a different location. You could want to go across the country for a lengthy vacation but don't want to rent a car for that duration. Using an auto shipping company to deliver your car in that situation can be a great compromise.

How are cars transported?

Your current moving firm may be able to transfer your car as well because many large, full-service movers handle car transportation. There are also many reliable businesses that only deal with shipping autos.

In either case, an open carrier, or the kind of truck you might see delivering new cars to dealerships, is by far the most popular method of shipping cars. Other options include using airplanes, trains, and boats. Open carriers are ultimately highly safe, which is why new vehicle dealers trust them with their priceless inventory even if this method does leave your automobile exposed to the weather.

If you own a unique historic or rare car, you might choose to have it transported in an enclosed container. This kind of truck is entirely enclosed and offers total protection from the elements.

What documentation is required?

The process of shipping an automobile is rather straightforward and shouldn't need a ton of paperwork. The bill of lading, which serves as a receipt for the goods carried onto the carrier, is the most significant document. This document serves as verification that your car was delivered and details the state of your vehicle both before and after the move.

Documentation describing the terms and circumstances of your shipping company's insurance will also be provided. Although insurance is needed by law for shippers, the amounts might differ from company to company. Make sure you carefully read these instructions to ensure you have adequate protection.

How can I get my car ready for shipping?

Start by emptying the interior and trunk of all your personal belongings, then use up the majority of your gas so that your automobile ships with only approximately a quarter tank. This lessens the overall shipment weight while still providing you with enough gas to travel around safely once it has arrived. Moreover, ensure sure the transport driver has a spare set of keys.

Consider getting your car cleaned and waxed just before you go for the best weather protection. A fresh coat of wax helps your car repel any water, bugs, and debris it may encounter while being transported. Taking pictures of your car as visual evidence of its condition is also a good idea.


You should have a broad knowledge of the kind of transport vehicle you want your car sent in before you decide to have it shipped. It might be a good idea to look at the elements listed above if you are still undecided about which auto transport truck is best for you.

Average vehicles can typically be transported on an exposed transporter, however luxury, high-end, and race cars should only be transported on a hauler that is enclosed and protected.

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