20 Jul
Ivy Bumanlag
20, Jul 2023

Every day, thousands of jobs are posted on the Shipit4us marketplace, Shipit4us is used by thousands of individuals to get their shipments delivered.

There are no sign-up or subscription fees to access these clients on our marketplace.

Furthermore, our search feature is intended to make our site the most user-friendly marketplace. We let you search by state, locality, or route, so you can locate the loads that are most suited to you and your travels.We also gather feedback and ratings on drivers, which are accessible to clients, implying that if you give a good service, you are more likely to obtain future jobs.

This guideline will explain to you how to:

·         Find Shipments

·         Place Quotes

·         Carry out the job

·         How Does Our Marketplace Work?

·         What shipments can find On Shipit4us Marketplace?

Find Shipments

Use our saved search capabilities to identify loads that meet your specifications.

·         Search by country, city, or route

·         Save searches and sign up for email alerts

·         Search over thousands of new job postings every day

Place quotes

Simply state the amount you wish to be paid. 

·         All competition quotes are displayed in a transparent marketplace.

·         Sign up for outbid email alerts.

·         The messaging system simplifies communication with clients.


Carry out the job

When your quote is accepted, you will receive a booking confirmation email with complete collection/delivery information.

·         Get paid directly by the customer for what you quote.

·         Give and also get feedback on the transaction

How Does Our Marketplace Work?

Every 30 seconds, a delivery request is placed by one of our customers, and if you are a delivery driver seeking shipments, you can access our marketplace to browse and accept jobs.

You only need to look for suitable loads, select one that you'd like to transport, submit a bid, and wait to see if it's accepted. In the event that you are outbid, you may resubmit a price to the client in an effort to win the job. Once you have won a job, you will receive an email with the details and will be paid upon completion by the customer.

What shipments can find On Shipit4us Marketplace?

Shipit4us handles a wide range of transportation needs, from single boxes to pallets to large truckloads. Whatever vehicle you are driving or spare room you have, you will find something on our marketplace Some common load searches on our platform include:


Freight Load - Are you looking for basic freight shipment work? Our platform is commonly used for freight services.


Truck Load- Do you need loads to fill your truck? On our platform, you can see requests for total house relocation, office transfers, and a variety of other related services.


LTL Transport - Have a little less space yet still want to work on a route? Less-than-load jobs are routinely offered, and you can use our route search feature to fit them in on trips you'll be traveling anyhow.


Courier Load- Are you looking for something that needs to be delivered quickly? There are numerous courier job requests put on our load board for you to fill.


Load for Box Trucks, Sprinter Vans, and Cargo Vans - Smaller shipments are constantly being placed on our platform, which is ideal for drivers of smaller delivery vehicles searching for extra income.