Enclosed and Open Car Shipping: Which is better?
25 Jul
Francesca Leila Riego
25, Jul 2023

Which option is best for your needs when making a reservation with a car shipping company? You'll probably have the option to choose between enclosed and open car shipping. When comparing enclosed vs. open car transport, this article will outline the prices and services to consider.

The top car shipping companies frequently use both enclosed and open carriers. We are here to help you which one to choose.

Open vs. enclosed car shipping: what's the difference?

When moving an automobile "out in the open" or on a multicar trailer without an outside cover, open car shipping, also known as open auto transport, is a typical technique. Up to ten vehicles can be transported simultaneously using this shipping method, albeit demand, car size, and weight are frequently determining factors.

Because multiple cars may be carried at once, open car shipping is significantly less expensive than enclosed car shipping.

If your vehicle needs to be protected inside of an enclosed trailer, you can employ enclosed car shipping or enclosed auto transport. Only two to three cars can often be transported at a time in enclosed trailers due to their smaller size and inability to transport as many vehicles as an open trailer. Except for those who own luxury vehicles that require extra security, enclosed auto transport carriers typically cost twice as much as open carriers, making them less popular among consumers.

When choosing between covered vs. open automobile transportation, consumers tend to lean toward the latter because there are more possibilities for open car carriers than enclosed carriers among auto transport brokers. As open vehicle trailers are more prevalent than enclosed car carriers and require fewer pauses during transit, the open car transportation method is also quicker.

Comparison between Open and Enclosed Vehicle Shipping

Take some time to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of covered vs. open car shipment if you're still attempting to understand these two different modes of transportation. It's crucial to fully educate yourself before choosing a method because there are numerous characteristics of each that could either enhance or detract from your experience.

Despite the fact that enclosed shipping could be the ideal choice for premium cars, it can be fairly expensive and generally requires more time to carry than open shipping.

Pros and Cons of Enclosed Car Shipping


Offers safety and defense during transportation

Enables access to transporters with more expertise handling high-end vehicles

Reduces the possibility of injury from flying road debris or inclement weather


Doubles the price of open-car freight

Fewer fuel-saving

Vehicle transport may require more time

Open car shipping is increasingly popular and less expensive, but you might be concerned about your car being outside in the outdoors. As an open carrier doesn't shield the exterior of the car from dirt or debris, your automobile can also be extremely dirty when it arrives.

Pros and Cons of Open Car Shipping


Quicker and less expensive


There are more alternatives for open transport, making it simpler to reserve your preferred shipment day and time.


Lack of defense against debris or poor weather

Less safety and defense for pricey autos

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