16 Jul
Ivy Bumanlag
16, Jul 2023

Do's and don'ts for packing your furniture for a move

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This guideline will explain to you how to:

·         Moving furniture: the dos and don'ts

Moving furniture: the dos and don'ts

When you remove the furniture from the truck, it can be a problem to get it into the correct room. If you mishandle your furniture, you run the risk of damaging your floors or walls as well.


DO’S when packing furniture for moving

The following advice will show you how to safeguard your valuable and expensive furniture during a move – all of the things you need to do to ensure that your possessions arrive at your new home in one piece.

·         Make a list

Make a list of every item of furniture in your house. Use the inventory checklist to decide what furniture to take and what to leave behind for sale, gifting, or donating to a good cause.





·         Measure

The doors, corners, and hallways of your home should be checked to see if your huge furniture items can safely fit through them.


·         Inspect

Check all of your furniture for damage before you pack it up, and make a note of anything vital on the inventory list for your furniture. After you've done this initial evaluation, it will be easier to decide which items you should take with you and which ones you should leave behind while moving.