17 Aug
Ivy Bumanlag
17, Aug 2022

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Ocean freight describes the movement of goods from one location to another using ocean transport. It's vital to international trade since it facilitates the movement of vast quantities of goods from one country to another.
Goods are typically transported by ship over vast oceans. There is a wide range of shipping worldwide options for diverse commodities. Shipping containers, also known as containerization, are widely used

Various types of Ocean freight shipping

Knowing whether an ocean freight carrier is appropriate for a given type of cargo is crucial. What you're transporting ultimately makes a difference. There are numerous different kinds of sea freight transport options, from small cargo vessels to the biggest ships' ability to transport cars, large equipment, as well as a range of watercraft.
Container shipping is one of the most used methods of ocean freight transportation. This car is particularly well-liked because of its excellent safety features. Shifting shipping containers is easy and doesn't harm the goods inside in any way. The ideal choices for this strategy, for instance, are dry or pre-packaged items.

FCL - Full container load

An FCL is what you get when you purchase a full container to ship (Full Container Load).
First, you can decide whether to load the items yourself or let the shippers fill your container.

After the loading procedure is finished, the container is transported towards the seaport where it is loaded onto a cargo ship. There are regular departure and landings by the shipping companies at all significant ports across the world.
Upon the container's arrival at its final destination, your items will be taken out and transferred to the consignee. Full container shipments sometimes involve many modes of transportation, including vehicles, trains, and, if required, planes, in the chain of transportation.