Haiti Shipping Service

You want pickup from your home/office or you will drop your shipment at our office in Davie, Florida?

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New to Haiti Shipping?

New to Haiti Shipping?

We connect groups in Haiti with key markets across the globe. Whatever your shipping standard, refrigerated or outsized shipment, we have the neighbourhood knowledge and international network needed to get it to its destination. That's why we have a warehouse in Haiti, Port au Prince. And we are providing our services over there.

It depends on you that you will decide to drop the freight at our Davie, FL Warehouse, we can arrange it and or pickup it from your door.


Make sure that you will provide us with the correct details in order to avoid the increase in rates of products. The delivery charges we will offer corresponds to the information about the product you will provide us.

Haiti Shipping Service

Haiti Shipping

Do you wish to transport heavy equipment, trucks, or containers to Haiti? We got you covered!

You can select from a number of shipping options, including door-to-port, port-to-port, and door-to-door delivery, depending on your needs.

We provide specialist sea freight services in addition to normal shipping options for all types of goods, such as big shipments, hazardous items, or humanitarian relief supplies.

Here are a few tips for transporting goods to Haiti:

Right Packaging

Use the right packaging because your things will be sent over a long distance. To prevent breakage or damage to fragile things, you might need to provide them with additional support. The manner of transportation is another thing you should think about. Although it costs more, air freight is typically more gentle than marine freight. Packaging might be used more while transporting by sea than by air because it is safer. Along with proper packaging, you must also make sure the things are properly labeled. Some nations demand that the package have certain labels on the outside that list its destination, contents, and any other pertinent information. Remember to attach any required labels to the package before you ship.

Choose your mode of transportation.

You will also need to choose a mode of transportation, as was briefly described in the preceding advice. The two most common ways to ship to Haiti are by air and water, though you can occasionally transport by land as well. It is advisable to ship fragile and priceless objects by air because it is incredibly safe but also pricey. Shipping through air is the best option if you want your items to arrive as soon as possible because it is the quickest mode of transportation. Although it is occasionally possible to ship via land, this is not the quickest option and should only be used when the products are closer to their destination.

Find out about Shipping Restrictions

International nations have several limits on various things, thus it's crucial to be aware of these restrictions and to abide by them. Customs will almost certainly hold onto a shipment that you unintentionally sent that contained a prohibited item for a considerable amount of time. These shipping limits are crucial to save your company time and money because you might not even get the cargo back in some circumstances.

Know the rules of customs

Your packages must first clear customs before they can be delivered to Haiti. No of their size, all packages must go through customs before they can be shipped overseas. You'll need to present the necessary documentation to clear customs. Two customs forms—one for the home country and the other for the destination country—typically make up this documentation. Make careful to complete both forms, not just one. Both forms are required for your shipment to arrive at its destination safely.

Beware of scams

Unfortunately, there are several situations where you might encounter scammers/fake shipper. When shipping overseas, even some of the biggest businesses in the world deal with fraudsters. Always check the URL of your shipping company's websites because scammers sometimes pretend to be shipping firms. Take precautions to avoid scams because some recipients may also con the business. To avoid scams, book a shipment with https://www.shipit4us.com/